Does the nightstand display stay on, or do you have to activate the watch each time you want to check the time?

  • Asked by fn
Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Dock

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    I have only been using the watch for 5 days now but when I put it on the charging dock and it goes to alarm clock mode the display does NOT stay on (I wish it did) but if you move the dock itself this seems to activate the display to come on briefly .... Is there a way to keep the display on ???


    • Answered by Michael G from Cedar Rapids
  • The watch will not stay on. But you only have to give it a little shake, and then it comes on. It's really sensitive; I just need to tap the nightstand that it's sitting on, and that's enough to wake up the watch and see the time. I like that it stays off until I tap, as I like to sleep in a dark room and even the light from the watch would bug me.

    • Answered by Gordon B from North Vancouver
  • I bought this stand today in the hope that the clock display would remain on whilst charging (the only reason for the purchase) so I'm feeling rather annoyed as the original charger worked just as well if not better as it was free! ... fishing my trusty old alarm clock out of the bin as I type!

    • Answered by Andrew V