Does the Qi Wireless charging work with a phone case?

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

Belkin Boost Up Wireless Charging Pad

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    Yes, it works perfectly! I picked up my iPhone 8+ on Friday, and bought this charging pad to go with it. My iPhone has an Apple silicon case on it and it connects and charges instantly. I'd highly recommend the Belkin Charging Pad - and it looks great on my office desk too.

  • Bought 8S with Apple leather case and works fine.

  • Qi charging will work through a case as long as it is reasonably thin and does not contain metal.
    The Apple leather case or Apple silicone case should present no problem for example, as should most other cases, but the Apple Smart Battery case would not work (unless they release a Qi version).

  • The Qi Wireless Charger is working perfectly with my new iPhone 8 in a Benuo Vintage Classic Series Leather Folio Case!

  • I can confirm that it works with an iPhone 8 with the Apple Silicone case for the iPhone 8. If you want to test it with another case, the Apple Store has them out for you to test with.

  • My iPhone 8 Plus has a clear silicone back case and charges perfectly on this wireless charger.

  • Charge through most cases - up to 3mm.

  • Yes, it should work with a phone case.

  • Yes