How can I play hi-res files up to 192kHz on the Naim Mu-so using iTunes on my Mac Mini?

The mu-so owner's manual says it supports WAV, FLAC and AIFF up to 24bit/192kHz. However, it also says all formats over the wireless network are limited to 48kHz and the optical input is limited to 96kHz. It also sounds like the USB input only supports USB memory devices, not direct computer connection.

So can I use the wired network connection to play play hi-res files from iTunes? The "Network Connection" section of the manual is very brief and really didn't provide any information about this.

I currently use iTunes and JRiver Media Center for Mac with a USB DAC connected to my home stereo, but I like the idea of downsizing to something like the mu-so if it will support hi-res files.


  • Asked by fn from Toronto
Naim Audio mu-so Wireless Speaker System

Naim Audio mu-so Wireless Speaker System

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  • Hi Andrew,

    Did you manage to resolve your issue?

    I have been trying to work around exactly the same issue with limited success. I have played some hi-res material via the USB input as a test to see what it would sound like with a wired direct connection. I have to say the results were really great with hi-res material. This only made me more determined to try to find a solution.
    I did take the liberty of hard wiring the pc to the Mu-so via Ethernet cable before my new carpets went down. So it is hard wired but like you I can't get it to play directly from the pc using my hi-res downloads, nor will play hi-res through iTunes. I can play the Mu-so via iTunes but it is as you say at the 48khz limit.
    I am able to play hi-res on my iPhone now using a hi-res app and this dos connect via DLNA but that is a ALAC 96khz file with output frequency of 48khz.
    One problem with this is physical memory space it takes up on the phone and therefore you have to be really selective about what playlists you have on your phone.
    I am thinking I will end up ripping my CD's on to a NAS and either plug that into the router or the USB input on the Mu-so itself.
    I do also use the Mu-so as a sound bar via the optical connection and overall I must say I am very pleased with product.
    I hope this was in some way helpful but if you have managed to find a solution I would love to hear back from you

    Many thanks
    Dean W from Doncaster

    • Answered by Dean W