How do I know if my 2011 purchased iMac will support 802.11 ac wireless?

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    To see if your Mac supports 11ac, go to "about this mac" in the apple menu. Click "more info". Then click "system report". Go to "wifi". In "wifi" look at "interfaces". You should see "supported PHY modes". This will tell you whether your mac supports 802.11ac

  • It doesnt. The only macs that have 802.11ac wireless are the Macbook Air models released June 10th, 2013. But this will work with ALL types of wireless.

  • You can add 802.11ac to your Mac with a USB 802.11ac adapter like the Bearextender turbo

  • Well I just finish speaking to an Apple tech ( Thursday, August 8 12:34 AM) and found out that the Mac's running "Wireless 802.11a/b/g/n/ac2) are compatible with the new Time Capsule.

  • While the iMac itself won't support the faster 802.11ac wireless, it will still support 802.11n (and because of the multiple radios, using the slower connection won't slow down any devices connected on 802.11ac). If you really had to have the faster connection, you could by 2 and use the second one as a wireless bridge to your iMac (allowing for a connection at 802.11ac speeds)

  • Your iMac will not support 802.11 ac. This version of the airport time capsule will work with it though.

  • Update: The Macbook Air has 802.11ac like previously stated but...

    Apple has done a silent tech refresh and the new iMac's now have 802.11ac as well.

  • No. Currently (6/10/13), only the newly announced updated MacBook Air is the only computer to support it.