How is it waterproof if the screen is not covered?

  • Asked by fn from Anstruther


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    The screen is glass, so it is waterproof. It has a beveled seal around the entire perimeter, that makes perfect contact with the screen. Just ensure that both o-rings and the rubber screen seal are free of any foreign contaminants prior to assembly.

    • Answered by James C from New Bern
  • The glass is waterproof and all of the jacks and the plus are covered with these caps that you can take in and out and the case is so tight that no water comes in, but you can still use the glass underwater. Glass does not let any water in or out unless is cracks, and it has to be a crazily bad crack in order to ruin the inside of the ipad, and all this has to happen underwater so it is a very rare occasion.

    • Answered by Mattan M from Los Angeles
  • The case is completely waterproof. The bezel of the case has a rubber thing that goes around the ipad. It makes it so that the water can't get inside the iPad.

    • Answered by Paul B from San Francisco
  • It creates a seal around joining components - i.e. the aluminum frame and screen.

    • Answered by Randolph R from Athens