How Is screen impact resistant if it is not covered?

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    its not.. if something that is sharp falls directly on the screen, then it is possible for it to crack the screen. but usually, the way that cracks occur is if the ipad falls on its corner from height. That impacts the screen the most. If it falls on the screen then nothing usually happens. I recommend putting on a screen protector. The best ones are like $15 from apple. They are called anti glare and they are fingerprint resistant and scratch proof...everything should work well. but look at the corners of the case and you will be able to see the thickness of them. It is very protective...and if it falls sreen first on the ground, there is also part of the case that extends longer and more out of the screen so that when u put it scren down the screen will never touch the ground. it is also rubberized to some element because rubber absorbs the most shock.

    • Answered by Mattan M from Los Angeles
  • This case comes with a cover and an optional transparent plastic screen protector. The cover doubles as a stand and snaps on to the back or the front. This protects the screen while you're traveling or not using the iPad.

    Point impact loads to the screen that are high enough to cause damage are uncommon. The screen can handle impacts from this direction very well.

    Side impacts are the problem - i.e. dropping the iPad.
    Every case, including this case, are designed to resist these impacts.

    Also, plastic screen protectors are not very useful in practice. They reduce screen sensitivity and are difficult to clean.

    This case's design is genius. Very well done.

    • Answered by Randolph R from Athens