I would like to know about batteries in flight?

Hello, my intention is to buy the kit that comes with two extra batteries.
here's my question.
I live in Brazil and I learned that I can not bring batteries out of equipment.
Can you tell something about it?
Does this type of battery I can embark on an international flight normally?
I thank you for your attention and awaiting response.
Thank you.

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

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2 Answers from the Community

  • Many people will assure you they've traveled by air with spare batteries and had no problems. Accurate answers to your questions will vary depending on the country of departure and your airline.

    In general, *most* airlines allow lithium batteries under certain conditions and want them only in the passenger compartment. Those conditions usually include having the terminals secured against contact. A few airlines insist lithium batteries only go in checked luggage and not in the passenger compartment.

    Mexico has a rule that sounds similar to what you're saying about Brazil requiring that "loose" batteries not be carried. I've watched a lot of expensive lithium spare batteries get confiscated as tourists leave my island. By contrast, I had no difficulty bringing in a few extra power tool batteries (because my arriving flight originated in the US). This means I face different rules on the same airline depending one which direction I'm flying that route.

    If Brazil's rules are similar to Mexico's, one possible solution is the USD$19 "Power Bank Adapter". You connect this to a Mavic Pro Intelligent Flight Battery. This meets the requirement of covering the connector to prevent shorting. The adapter also is a useful device that uses the battery by turning into a 2-port USB charger. There's plenty of power in a half-discharged battery (which is how they should be when you travel by air) to charge a phone, tablet, or the Mavic Remote Controller. We'll see if the Mexican security people agree that my 2 spare Mavic batteries are "installed in a device" and not "loose" when connected to one of these adapters.

  • The battery works for about 27 min, but the Mavic will want to come home around 17 min. You can ignore the request, just remember not to have your Mavic to far out if you do. Once the Mavic hits 25 min... it will start automatically landing... this is not good if it is over a body of water, lots of trees, or a secure area that you will not be able to retrieve it.