Is a headphone adapter needed for this LifeProof case?

I have tried three separate headphones with my iPad using a LifeProof case and each pair of headphones will not work? Is there a headphone adapter for the LifeProof case?

  • Asked by fn from Bloomingdale


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    Hey Mark!
    Yes there is an adapter that should have come with your case. It also has an extra headphone jack plug.
    Once you plug n the adapter you can listen even in the tub!
    I'd think LifeProof would send you one if you didn't get one, it would be good customer service on their part, but here I'm just speculating.
    Good luck and enjoy

    • Answered by Jacki J from Calgary
  • Yes - mine came with one but I didn't realise what it was initially and nearly chucked it away - fortunately found it. None of my headphones fit without it. A bit of a pain to have to carry it but much less a pain than the constant and expensive visits to my friendly iphone screen repairer.

    • Answered by Paula D from Stirling
  • The answer is no, not from Lifeproof. I just emailed them the same question. I have one for my Iphone, which came with the case but it is too short. They suggest a third party. I checked with Radio Shack and couldn't find one that works. I need it for my Square and Paypal card readers. So far out of luck, but will keep looking.

    • Answered by Ruth C from Cathlamet