Is there a risk of damaging my built in sound card or my speakers on my macbook pro when I use this product?

I know to use the gain control to prevent the red lights from showing up. Are there any other things I should be aware of? Should I use headphones only?

In short: I just want to make sure that this input device doesn't provide such a strong signal that it will burnout the sound card.

  • Asked by fn from Pooler
Apogee JAM Guitar Input

Apogee JAM Guitar Input

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    Your sound card should be fine. As to the speakers just monitor the sound level and you should be fine. After a certain level of volume distortion takes place and could damage the speakers just like in the home or car. I personally prefer headphones because you can really hear what's going it takes stress off of your comp speakers.

    Another thing to consider would be some external computer speakers or even some decent studio monitor speakers designed specifically for home recording. I record music into my mac and never use the built in speakers because they can't handle all of the mhz ranges. Hope this helps!

    • Answered by Angelo K from Austin