can i use the ipad mini with the apple tv? wich cable do i need?

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    You do not need a cable to connect your iPad mini to Apple TV. Just download the Remote App from App Store and while your iPad Mini and Apple TV are on the same network, you can control Apple TV from your iPad MIni.

    It is very useful, as the Ipad screen becoes a giant Trackpad for Apple TV and you can type using the on screen keyboard.

    • Answered by Oguz A from Fairfax
    • 12-Mar-2013
  • To clarify the 3 previous answers...

    1. To use your ipad as a remote control for Apple TV, you use the Remote app. No cable needed. Both devices must be on the same wi-fi network.

    2. To display the audio and video from your ipad on a TV via Apple TV, you use the airplay feature to send it wirelessly through your wi-fi network.

    3. The Apple TV box itself connects to you TV set via an hdmi cable that is not included with it.

    • Answered by David N from Sterling Heights
    • 17-Mar-2013
  • You can fork out the $$ for the AV cable, or you can simply setup mirroring via your home network. This works with many devices (including your iPad Mini) on Apple TV. Simply double click the Home button on your iPad, then swipe to the left twice and there will be an icon that will allow you to Mirror whatever is on your iPad to your Apple TV via your home network.

    Hope this helps.

    • Answered by Dustin L from Elkton
    • 19-Apr-2013
  • Yes, you can, wirelessly. No cable necessary.

    • Answered by Mark N from Honolulu
    • 11-Mar-2013
  • Yes you can use your ipad mini with apple tv, I am using my ipad mini on apple tv as I write this. The cable you need is hdmi.

    • Answered by Gaylord F from Detroit
    • 10-Mar-2013
  • Yes you can use your ipad mini but you should connect to a same wireless you don't need any cable if you click two times in the home botton you can see a arrow then you click on the Apple TV then you can use it.

    • Answered by Hamid G from Voorhees
    • 25-Mar-2013