Say if a was to get a 64gb SIM card and put it into my iPad Air would all my apps,music and photos still be there?

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    You can't plug external memory cards into an iPad or iPhone as there is no slot for them.

    • Answered by Monte O from Eugene
    • 28-Mar-2017
  • I can not answer that question because unfortunately there is no SD card slot on the iPad Air therefore when purchasing an iPad you will have to choose a high capacity of storage because the storage is non-user upgradable.

    • Answered by Catherine S
    • 22-Mar-2017
  • It will of course be there, everything u do in ur iPad every photo ur game data ur music ur apps everything will be saved in ur iCloud. But it won't be able to save ur data if u run out of ur iCloud storage.

    • Answered by Nikhil R from Hyderabad
    • 02-Mar-2017