how good/bad is the battery life for the 4s

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    For a device that costs £500 the battery life is abysmal.

    To get any sort of adequate battery life Apple helpfully gives us guidance that basically suggests turning of many of the features that you buy an iPhone for.

    You will be extremely lucky to get a working day from it - the 200 hours standby time is a fantasy. My brand new iPhone 4s with many of the useful features turned of and the phone not used will be lucky to be ready to use by the end of a day.

    Battery life is a major area of concern.

    Any reasonable use will see the iPhone die during a working day.

    • Answered by Michael W
    • 24-Apr-2012
  • When the 4S was release, many complained of poor battery life. But with the recent iOS update, it has been fixed of many. If you receive your iPhone, and the update hasn't cured the battery life issue, swap it out for a new one at your local Apple store. Good Luck!

    • Answered by Jaxsen S from Santa Rosa
    • 31-May-2012