Will all the iPhone4S accessories work with the iPhone 5?

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    iPhone 4/4s accessories such as cases and screen protector will not work at all with the iPhone 5 because the iPhone 5 is by length longer, so they will not fit..

    Also the iPhone 4/4s accessories such as usb cables and iPod docks will not work because the iPhone 5 has a new design for the charger insertion section..

    hope that helped :)

    • Answered by Fadi R from St Albans
    • 23-Sep-2012
  • No. Cases etc will not fit, and any accessories that connect via the dock connector will need an adapter.

    • Answered by Ernie W
    • 24-Sep-2012
  • No, Cases and chargers will be too big as the iPhone 5 is bigger than the iPhone 4S and the charging port is smaller. Earphones should still work.

    • Answered by Michael M
    • 21-Sep-2012
  • Hello Michelle, most accessories wont work with iPhone 5. Especially since they added the new lightning charger rendering any 30 pin connector useless unless you buy the adapter. Cases wont fit due to the new dimensions on the phone, chargers that use usb will work but not the the ones with the 30pin.

    • Answered by Gerardo U from Tracy
    • 21-Sep-2012
  • the screeen protecter and cases will not work with the iphone 5 because it is longer
    and everything that requires the dock will not work because the iphone 5 has a diffrent cable

    • Answered by Ron M A G from Hallandale
    • 17-Oct-2012
  • The 4S and 4 uses a 30 pin adaptor but the 5 uses a lightning adaptor, so a converter will be required.

    The earphone jacks and Bluetooth are the same so these headsets can be reused.

    The cases and covers cannot be reused as the iPhone 5 is longer and thinner.

    • Answered by David Kai Cheung Y
    • 11-Oct-2012
  • Many accessories will work with iPhone 5, but not all. It depends on the accessory. If its a car charger, it most definitely will, just go buy the 30-pin to lightning adapter at your nearest Apple store. If the accessory uses more than 8 pins on the 30-pin dock connector though, it probably won't work. You can look at the connector of your accessory to see how many pins stick out of the connector. If you're unsure, contact the vendor for your accessory before buying the 30-pin to lightning adapter.

    • Answered by Sigurdur H from Brighton
    • 25-Sep-2012
  • Should do, except chargers/USB leads as the iPhone 5 no longer uses a 30pin connecter and uses lightning instead, and cases will not fit as the iPhone 5 is bigger.

    • Answered by Lauren G
    • 23-Sep-2012
  • No they won't work due to the change in the connector port you can buy an adaptor for them though

    • Answered by Vivienne G
    • 22-Sep-2012
  • Hello Michelle
    The answer is Yes and No
    If the accessories are plugged into the dock/charging port, you'll have to get a convertor that converts from the generic dock to the new Lightening port
    The headsets will work normally
    Thank You
    Mohib Raza

    • Answered by Mohib Raza B from Detroit
    • 21-Sep-2012
  • Depends on the accessory, if the accessory is one that consists use of the 30-pin dock connector then you will have to pick up a Lightning to 30-pin Adapter in order to use it.

    • Answered by Misael L from Pembroke Pines
    • 19-Sep-2012