How fragile are iPod Classic hard drives?

I won't be running with the Classic if I get it, but I do like do go for walks with my current iPod in my hand. Are the hard drives so fragile that arm-swinging would kill it? If not (which is probable), can I get an example of what kind of movement would hurt it? I'm so worried about damaging the hard drive and ending up with a $250 brick.

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    I'm pretty sure that Apple had designed the iPod Classic HD so it wouldn't break if you tapped on it. It is like a portable external hard drive, it can take a beating.

    With that being said, that does not mean that you can drop it over, and over again from low places (or one from a high place), and it will still work for you.

    I would avoid dropping it, or holding it with light hands. And try not to shake it hard or too quickly. Its hard to describe movement in words, but I hope you know what you mean.

    Treat your iPod Classic like a Laptop. It can take a beating, and you can fall while having it in your bag - and it will still work. Just don't toss it, or abuse it (just like a laptop).

    I hope that helps!

    • Answered by Ronald B from Brantford
    • 11-Sep-2012