how many songs does the new ipod nano 16gb hold?

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    between 3000 and 4000 depending on how many megabytes the song is

    • Answered by Nathan D from Allen
    • 14-May-2013
  • Max about 4,500+ high quality encoded songs 128kb-encoded. 3.5mb each.

    • Answered by Frederick Mc C from Kota Kinabalu
    • 29-Dec-2013
  • It deepends of the size of each music

    If you considerate each music 5MB:

    1GB - 1000MB
    16GB - 16000MB

    16000/5= 3200 Musics

    • Answered by Tiago V
    • 04-Mar-2014
  • well mine only holds 2400 and now its full.

    • Answered by Megan W
    • 11-Apr-2014
  • My only holds 1799 songs, not even close to the 3000 I was told. This means I will not be buying anymore songs from iTunes .

    • Answered by Michael I from Lakewood
    • 15-Apr-2014