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Good day, my situation is that I like the thin ess and lightness of both models, I like the larger screen the 15" provides but I don't like that both models have a screen of same proportions, the retina is essentially a 1440x900 screen (proportion wise), except it has a sharpness that Is barely visible from the average sitting distance.

Although the upsides of the retina are the 2" larger screen and the 1GB video card and a faster processor (retina benchmark: 10,000 Air: 7,000). Although for WebDesignerGood and photoshop and so on, I am not sure if that processor boost will do me any good, and I don't know if a 1GB vid card would do me any good either.

Musts that I need in a notebook:
Flash or solid state drive
Screen higher res than 1280x800
256MB vid card or better

Is there maybe another model that would suit me better? Perhaps an older version. The 15" with 1680x1050 screen 8GB RAM and SSD would be nice, but for that price I may as well get the retina...

Stuck between a rock and a hard place. I like the idea of saving $600 going for the 13" Air.

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    Hi Nicholas P,
    Personally I'd say you'd be better off with the MacBook Pro as you use Photoshop. The Retina Macbook is definitely a lot more comfortable to use for extended periods of time than the 13" Air. The only reason to get the Air over Retina is if you carry around your Macbook around a lot, say like for school, work, etc.

    The Retina screen also has much more accurate colour and higher contrast ratios than any other MacBooks Apple offers. These might not seem very important but if you compare them side by side you'd definitely pick the Retina.

    However if you went with the Retina you might be better off with the 16GB RAM as the RAM is soldered on to the logic board. And even though I don't use my Retina for many intensive applications I still find I use over 8GB of RAM.

    • Answered by Yosphol S from Leichhardt
    • 05-Oct-2012