13-Inch Macbook Pro vs. 15-Inch Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display?

I'm planning on buying a macbook pro, and I was wondering which would be the best choice. What I'd usually use it for is school work, and slight gaming. eg. Dota 2

Is the 15-Inch Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display worth it? Or is the higher end 13-inch Macbook Pro good enough?

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    i have both macbook pro's the high end retina display model and the high end 13 inch model which i use for work.

    if you are going to use it primarily for work and a bit of gaming then i recommend the high end 13 inch as it will be better overall in terms of carrying it everywhere.

    if you have high amounts of money to spend then you might as well settle for best macbook pro with retina display i highly recommend it

    but i usually carry my 13 inch everywhere in terms of taking it on planes and things to do work but at home i always use my 15 inch with retina

    if you want to optimise quality of things u do like gaming then get a retina display model

    if your not fussed about the screen you could always get a high end 15 inch without retina display then buy thunderbolt display which is 27 inch

    • Answered by Suraj L from Leicester
    • 31-Jul-2012