can i run office on a mac

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    Short answer - yes. Microsoft has a Mac Native version of Office that comes in Home/Student and Professional flavors. I like Word, PowerPoint, and Excel 2011 on the Mac better than the current version of the same programs on PCs. Unless you need to interface with an Exchange Server and require the full functionality of Outlook, go with the home/student version that doesn't include Outlook.

    Alternatives: Apple's iWork components are Office Compatible and they do a pretty good job for a smaller price tag. There's also Open Office which is a free, Open Source effort (like Firefox) that is also pretty good. However, neither option is a complete replacement for MS Office.

    • Answered by Christopher H from Virginia Beach
    • 28-May-2012
  • You can run Microsoft Office on the mac, but you will need to purchase the Mac version.

    • Answered by Josh B from Unalakleet
    • 16-May-2012
  • Yes you can, you have a couple of options one you can download the software or you may purchase a subscription. I am going to purchase the subscription which gives you access to outlook, excel. powerpoint and one note. there a re personal subscriptions for 69.99 and family ones for 99.99 which enable you to download either 1 mac and 1 iPad and up to 5 office mobil apps or family which is 5 macs, five i pads and five mobil applications I hope this answered your questions have a nice evening.

    • Answered by Joseph P from Seneca
    • 06-Jan-2015