Which Mac for 3D applications

I am about to upgrade from my older duo-core iMac, and would like to know which Mac would be the best fit if I am using 3D programs like Vue 10 and Carrara Pro. I don't really need the expansion capabilities of the Mac Pro, but are the new iMac's robust enough to effectively and efficiently run the 3D programs?

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  • Good news!! Yes, they are - just choose the 27" models. If you are picky about overall performance, configure your iMac online. You can choose faster processors, more RAM and bettergraphics. You can also choose between the hard drice stand-alones (7200RPM standard on every 27" iMac), Fusion drives (OSX-intellegent Super-Hybrids), or stand-alone SSD's (all of the SSD's are mounted on PCIe connections that are much faster the SATA III connection.)

    • Answered by Asania H from Detroit
    • 30-Dec-2013