What USB-PD power profiles does the 61W adapter support? Is a 100w/5a rated USB-C cord required, since this (marginally) exceeds 60w?

I would like to know if this adapter follows the USB-PD specification "power rules" for interoperability with other USB-C devices and cables.

  • Asked by fn from Pleasanton
61W USB-C Power Adapter

61W USB-C Power Adapter

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  • I'm not sure, but I do know that my 87w power supply registers as a 86w power supply when viewed from System Information > Power > AC Charger Information. You can use a 60w cable if you want. I've used my 60w cable with my 87w power supply and that same section in System Information shows the supply as being a 87w charger but that the laptop is charging with 60w.

    • Answered by Jared M from Chattanooga