What's the point of the USB port on this adapter? Is it just an extension to plug things into?

  • Asked by fn from Odenton
Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter

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    The 30" Apple Cinema Display has four cables that come out the back 1) Dual-Link DVI, 2) USB 2, 3) Firewire 400, and 4) power. I believe the adapter's USB port was put there to allow the adapter to supply power to the 30" ACD two USB ports. So although the adapter is suitable for any Dual-Link DVI monitor, Apple certainly wanted it to work with it's own monitor.

    Interestingly, the adapter does not have a socket for Firewire 400 so, the Firewire 400 cable from the monitor goes unused and thus the two Firewire 400 ports on the back of the monitor no longer function.

    • Answered by Barry B from Placentia
  • I have this adapter. It seems to behave as you described. I am able to plug a keyboard into it and it works fine. I'm guessing this is to accommodate the fact that the adapter takes up a USB port.

    • Answered by William Y from North Attleboro