Will this fit an iPad mini retina?

Most of the cases for iPad mini with Retina have been flagged to be compatible with iPad mini and mini with Retina but not the lifeproof case. can you advise?

  • Asked by fn from Phoenix


Product No Longer Available

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    I just purchased one for my inbound mini-retina and just discovered online and then confirmed by Lifeproof that this case WILL NOT fit the Ipad Mini Retine and they are working on new cases for Air & Mini Retina but they are months away from releaseing the new cases. This is a bummer as I have used they cases and they are great. Waiting is a bummer.

    • Answered by Vernon M from Gig Harbor
  • I purchased one for my mini retina, seems to fit fine.

    • Answered by Brad M from Aylmer
  • I just talked with a Lifeproof agent and she stated the the Lifeproof Frē and Nüüd made for the original iPad Mini WILL work with the Mini Retina. She told me that the microphone may be a bit muffled but it will still be waterproof, snow proof etc... Being that the Mini Retina is only 0.3mm thicker than the original, you probably won't have any problems fitting the Mini Retina into the case. If you still feel uncomfortable, the Lifeproof agent stated that if you have the Lifeproof for the original iPad, and you have the Mini Retina, they will send you one that fits your iPad.

    • Answered by Mike B from Sherwood Park