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    Perfect!!! Truly the BEST Adapter in my arsenal!!!

    • Written by Chista H from Aurora

    For those who complain about the need for too many wires adapters:
    If you choose the right type of adapter, you will only need one or two things, no matter what sort of devices you'd like to connect to your Mac. Camera, Watch, Flash devices, charging things from standard devices, to all your Apple products...literally you will need 2 adaptors and only TWO...Max!!...Really!!

    I pair a "USB-C to USB Adapter" with "Belkin Micro-USB to USB Cable with Lightning Adapter". Once you pair these two, you literally have all you will need to charge your phone, use flash drives, charge your watch, your standard Not-Apple devices that you will ever need to charge or connect to your Mac Book Pro, even your e-vape.
    Any and all are covered and connected and covered with these two adapters... Seriously!!

    Even my old Samsung laptop needed more adapters than these to charge my devices.
    I just carry these 2 with me, anywhere I go and keep an extra set in my purse...just in case i need to charge my phone in the car...(oh yeah, it also works with your car charger).

    Great stuff!!!

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    Convenient and well made

    • Written by George S from Seattle

    Needed an extra Lightning cable as well as a Micro-USB cable. Solved both problems. When using the Lightning adapter there is less strain on the cord so i am hoping that reduces the common problem of fraying of the wires. Only possible issue I see is the added bulk of the two connectors together might be a problem for some.

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