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    great item..a bit expensive, but Apple was the cheapest site I found

    • Written by Tom G from Blessington

    we have a few of these bulbs now in our house, the gu10 were purchased for a newly refurbished bathroom. we also used this kit as one of the 'cheaper' (not a word you can use with Hue) ways of migrating to the new homekit enabled hub. I also found apple was cheaper than amazon (after sterling conversion etc) or any local supplier in ireland. also the delivery was really fast. Bravo Apple.
    Setup was really easy. The new hub is bigger (the depth) than the older version, i am sure you can see that in the pictures but worth considering if you have it hidden somewhere. also you still need a network cable attached (there is a short network cable in the box).
    Conversion from the old hub to the new version was easy. When you power on the new hub, an option to migrate appears on the app. A simple button press and off you go.
    A gentle word of warning on some of the steps. i thought (yep, that was the first mistake!) that if i registered the new lights with the old hub and converted that would be the best approach. Wrong. I am not sure if Philips have linked these bulbs automatically to the new hub, but they didnt register at all on the older version. Unfortunately i left the lights powered on and when the conversion started -- it said it had lights already registered (on the new hub) and could not continue. a quick factory reset and bingo, conversion complete in about 5 to 10 minutes. I then had to manually add the bulbs using the serial numbers option in the app (printed on the bulb housing by the way in a font size only undercover CIA operatives write in). Overall not too bad. actually sounds worse than it was.
    The colour and brighness are there for a bathroom (we have 4 spotlights). although the lens looks small it throws out a lot of light. They do run a little warm, not hot however. they are longer than a normal gu10, so its worth keeping that in mind if you have a housing buit into your ceiling for holding the bulb Overall we are way impressed. we have not tinkered with the siri component yet but they are very responsive to the app and a remote philips switch we have.The reason for the 4 stars is the price, I still wonder what the thought process is in Philips. by making these expensive they are truly limiting the quantity of these they sell. .Someone in Philips needs to read up on the Laffer curve me thinks. So, overall -- a thumbs up.

    TL;DR.pricey but look great , work well and run a little warm.

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