• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    good alternative to HIVE

    • Written by Michelle C from Leeds

    We managed to install the Netatmo ourselves and it works well with the iPhone. It has linked to my wife's HOME App but not to mine for some reason. It controls the heating but not the hot water, which is what we wanted. We'd recommend this device.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Superb Thermostat

    • Written by Sean H from London

    I was deciding btween this, Nest and Hive.

    Nest doesnt' work with homekit, and I really wanted all my stuff in one place in the Home app. And I've tried Hive too but with their lights there was a good 5 second delay so I didn't fancy the thermostat.

    Couldn't be more pleased with this one, out of the three, nest looks the best but this one also looks really good too, you can change the colour of the light on it so it doesn't need to be orange, I have mine white on the wall. (Hive looks a bit tacky on the wall.)

    Easy to install, if you've got a normal thermostat on the wall with a dial it just replaces that, so if you like DIY it's easy to put in, but get a pro to do if not.

    It's also got all the learning stuff but I haven't used that because it have a very erratic schedule so it can't really predict when I'm in or out.

    One thing I would say to Apple - you can't do decimal places in homekit, I like it heated to 20.5C and that can't be done atm in Home, only from the Netatmo app. Hopefully Apple will add more fine grain control to Home in the future.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Unreliable with HomeKit

    • Written by David F from Milton Keynes

    I purchased this specifically to work with my HomeKit installation, however after three weeks it's very unreliable when it comes to Automation. The Netatmo Application works really well however when I use HomeKit it's very hit and miss whether or not the temperature changes, Scenes also seem to be unreliable, they clearly have a lot of work to do before this is usable within HomeKit.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Alternative...

    • Written by Paul B from SITTINGBOURNE

    This is a cheaper alternative to the Hive and Nest versions (I do realise they control hot water as well and this doesn't).

    I did read a few reviews first before taking the plunge.

    Pretty straight forward to fit yourself. This was to replace an old Honeywell wired thermostat. You just need to know which wires to use.
    The set up after is easy and adding it to Home is easy too.

    All in all I'd recommend this product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Even better than I could imagine.

    • Written by Ian E from Nottingham

    We love this thermostat.
    * It looks nice on the wall.
    * It was easy to fit.
    * The app on our phones is very powerful and includes nice little features like being able to set when we are getting back from a holiday.
    * I thought our Netatmo was faulty because it would occasionally disappear from our WIFI network - but this turned out to be due to our Virgin Media SuperHub modem router. Once I disabled the router feature of the SuperHub and just used it as a modem then the Netatmo became rock-solid. (I think the DNS feature in my Apple Timecapsule works well, whereas the one on the SuperHub is flakey).

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Thermostat

    • Written by John H from Croydon

    I have been a user of the standard Netatmo Thermostat for 18 months, but was intrigued by the introduction of HomeKit features to this thermostat so I upgraded my hardware by buying this HomeKit Edition. This is a great thermostat, the only disappointment I have found is the HomeKit feature itself. Mainly because the connection keeps dropping out and is marked as 'Unreachable'. There is no documentation with the unit regarding HomeKit and no documentation on Netatmo's support pages regarding HomeKit, so I was left to research on my own why things might not be working as expected. After about two days I eventually figured out how to reconnect, mainly through trial and error, but this was not intuitive and involves having to reset the relay and add the thermostat to HomeKit again, which is inconvenient to say the least as it can take several minutes. I use Philips Hue HomeKit enable lights, and have had no trouble maintaining connection to HomeKit with those, so this does seem to be an issue with the present Netatmo HomeKit interface. I am sure that Netatmo will eventually address these shortcomings, but for the moment I feel that their HomeKit feature is very much in the 'beta' stage and I am still testing it. Not being able to talk to your Apple watch to change the heating is of no great shakes, but in my case it is what I paid for, so I am deducting a point for that. However, if you are in no rush to use HomeKit, don't let this put you off. This is still a fantastic thermostat with a beautiful design and app interface with some very cool features. Go ahead, invest in one and get saving fuel!

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