• 5.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Eric S from Omaha

    We purchased this for my 5 year old daughter (x-mas present) and she LOVES it. When she opened the box, she was admittedly a bit disappointed because it wasn't a huge princess castle. Then I explained to her what it was and we charged Dash up. Now I surrender either my iPhone or iPad Mini to her daily because she wants to use Dash. There are plenty of apps ranging from very basic coding to more advanced coding. There is also an app where she can just drive Dash around and have it make noice. My only disappointment is the apps do not communicate with each other so you have to do the same levels over on different devices. My 3 year old is crazy jealous of it, as is my 11 year old even, though she will not admit it. We came home from swim lessons to find out she downloaded the app to her iPhone and was coding with it. Now 3 months after Christmas, she still asks to use Dash on a daily basis. A very well made product.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Dash good entry point into robotics and programming for the young

    • Written by Roslyn F from Thornhill

    Recommended for 5 year olds, it was a perfect fit for the 6-year old. But even the 9 year old enjoyed figuring it out and teaching it to the 6 year old. (All I did was enter the password on the iPad to access iTunes). The kids had Dash moving and talking within the hour. They figured out how to input their voices and words into the robots. The 6 year old then taught the 4 year old how to work it, and the 4 year old now has it moving and talking. Dash will turn and look for them when they call it by name. You can also do actual programming with Dash, so it is also good for the 9 year old as well. A good entry point into robotics for young children. Robotics is up and coming part of the Ontario elementary school curriculum.

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