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    Me nieces and nephews used these at school this past year, so I got them some for summertime! It is amazing what they can do with them. They've showed me some of the things they learned in school and it's incredible what these 7 and 11 year olds can do with an app and a robot - highly recommend for anyone with kids interested in programming or computers.

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    Product does not work with Swift Playgrounds

    Marketing and Advertising is completely wrong if you have an up to date iPad and apps.

    As of this writing, the playgroundbook that you airdrop to the iPad looks nice, but it doesn't work as advertised by either Apple or Sphero.

    Additionally, the developer kits that Sphero has on their Github are for Swift 2.x...way out of date as the current version is 4.x.

    Apple should pull it from their shelves and stop selling it as it is obvious that neither Apple nor Sphero are supporting this other than with the Sphero app as a toy.

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    SPRK app is good, but the Sphero app is a pain in the behind!

    my 6 year old daughter got pulled into a sphero SPRK programming demonstration when i was in the apple store to repair a device. she did better than the older boys at programming it to go thru the maze & didn't run off the table when they were just free driving.

    i got her one for christmas this year (been playing with it before she opens it). the 2 main issues with it are the horrible Sphero app to just drive the ball around & the fact you need to realign it constantly. forward eventually becomes right or even backwards so you have to stop & re-aim the ball to yourself.

    most frustrating thing is just make an app to drive it around, but instead they clog the interface with games you really don't want to play. missions & other garbage. make all those really stupid games another app or at least have the ability to shut them off. it keeps hounding you to earn points or try new games when all you want to do is chase the cat around the living room.

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    Not as good as we thought

    It's good but..... disappointing that you can't play games/apps (i.e.: zombie games) with it like the original Sphero.

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