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    • Written by Chris M from Lee

    What a disappointment, as I go a new iPhone 7 from work and waited days for a mystery package from our stores, only to eventually receive a lavishly branded box called Belkin Anti-Glare Screen Protection. Maybe its just me, but I tried to install it myself with a lot of difficulty; the 1 & 2 tabs would not come off the film and plastic protector for the film. Hence the installed film is a mess with air bubbles and creases. I am off to the Apple store to see if I can get a glass replacement, with them to install it

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor performer

    • Written by Terrence O from Canberra

    Poor results notwithstanding meticulous application after watching the video and following the written instructions.
    Some unsightly small bubbles that can not be chased away spoil appearance. The top sticker that aligns the protective film to the installation tray wouldn't release easily, and left a remnant of adhesive on the top of the film, further spoiling the appearance.
    So I pulled the film straight off again and binned it, together with the elaborate packaging. I've kept the nice little cleaning cloth.

    I've found the other Belkin productsI've brought over the years pretty good, so this was a big disappointment.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very bad product

    • Written by Victor C from Riverside

    Nothing went well when I tried to apply the screen protector. Bubbles appeared on clean spots, but the worst part is that I never managed to peel the top lining, like if there weren't any.
    The link supposed to take the customer to a video where the applying is explained is not the right link (only videos about Iphone X XS etc are displayed) so I had to search the video on Youtube.
    Only the cloth was useful to me, and $19.95 is a little expensive for that.

    To avoid.

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    I threw it out

    • Written by Michael B from Damariscotta

    1. It would be nice if Belkin spent 50 cents to print directions rather than relying on the customer to view a fast-paced video with no narration.
    2. It would be nice if the unit had a green tag (like in the video); It has black and white tags.

    After 20 minutes of frustration ... I JUST THREW IT OUT!

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    • Written by Danielle T from Glasgow

    Waste of money, doesn’t fit the screen and doesn’t protect the phone. Can get a glass protector for £10 much better quality.

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    Poor fit and worse installation system

    • Written by Karen C from Canaan

    The film is 3-4 mm too narrow to cover the screen, and a tad short also, and the cutout for the home button is unnecessarily enormous. This installation system is overly complicated, the protective layers won't peel off when they're supposed so, and fall apart when they're not supposed to. My advice is to look elsewhere for another product.

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    awful - wrong size and hard to put on

    • Written by Kristine A from Denver

    size is wrong for an iPhone 8 - there is unprotected space on all 4 sides where it does not meet the case. it is also hard to peel away from the installation mounting so it lifted after i first placed it and now is full of bubbles. COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!!!

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    Don't buy!

    • Written by Jonathan P from Shenfield

    Complete waste of money. Doesn't fit. How Should be removed from the website

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    Too small for the screen!

    • Written by Laura W from Pinner

    Really disappointed with this. I bought it in store and had it applied by an Apple employee, only to find out that it's too small for the screen. Belkin's just being cheap and not bothering to create an iPhone 7 specific screen protector. The product is already overpriced as it is, especially given they used to include two protectors for the same price, the least they could do is make one that fits the screen.

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    • Written by Darlene K from Cleveland

    I had this on my phone for less than 3 days. I can't believe I already have 2 deep scratches in it. Just from being in my purse?? I've never had this happen on any other screen protection/anti-glare product I've had.

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    What a waste!

    • Written by Killian G from Calne

    Bought this today at the Apple Store in Bath. What a complete waste of money. It says it is specifically for the iPhone 7. It doesn't even fit the screen that you view, let alone cover towards the edges. A very disappointing purchase and waste of money. Apple should get rid of Belkin as a partner because the goods are not fit for purpose.

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