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    Painfully Slow. Like 10-20 years ago slow.

    New 2017 maxed out Macbook Pro. USB-C to USB-C connection. I am backing up with Time Machine. I am not encrypting my data. I'm getting transfer speeds of about 1 MBps, nowhere near the advertised 136 MBps, not even 1% of that. This is unreal. This is going back. I'm sorry. Very disappointed that this is an Apple recommended product and it just doesn't perform even close to the advertised speed.

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    Dropping out files

    I'm using USB-3 and it's dropping out files. For instance, is copy and paste 50 000 photos but only roughly 1-3000 will appear on hard drive. It very frustrating. I have to copy and past only 100 at at time which is crazy since only 20% of the hard disk if full. It's also not very fast. I'm extremely disappointed that this is so unreliable.

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    Great value backup drive

    First, I bought this from the Apple store whilst discounted, so overall it represents great value at under €100. Pros: very small footprint, very thin, light and portable. The USB-C cable supplied is about 0.5m and is an ideal length. A USB-C to USB 2 cable is also included. Also, it has a 3-yr warranty. Lastly, the grey colour is a great match for the late 2016 MB Pro laptop. Cons: USB-C cable is very wobbly in the port, and I fear that this might become loose over time. Usual high-end feel to G-Tech drives isn't apparent, it feels made from non-premium plastics. Then again, it is extremely light. Another con is the I/O speed - I don't notice any obvious data transfer difference compared to USB 2. I know someone may respond saying of course it's faster, but it doesn't feel that way, and I'm basing that on a 400GB time machine backup (yes, time machine itself isn't the fastest beast). Another con is the position of the activity light, it's on the back of the drive, as if Jobs himself designed it in 1994! The black surround 'bumper' plastic is not pliable, and it's not a bumper - it's hard plastic, and doesn't appear to give much added protection. If you need the drive to withstand a drop, buy a rugged drive instead. Lastly, because of the wobbly connection between the USB-C cable and the USB-C port on the back of the drive, you really need to disconnect the cable when transporting (which, yes, we should always do anyway), but that increases the nuisance factor of having to separately recover the cable from a bag or drawer, and increases the chance of losing the cable. Overall 4*, just because of the port connection wobble. It's really great value compared to others.

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    Small and Light

    Bought this to back up the 15" MacBook Pro (late '16) and it was plug and play from the get go. Took about 10 minutes to perform the first time machine backup of ~40GB. So far so good.

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    Good drive for rose gold

    Decent hard drive for the price. Interesting how the rose gold is cheaper just because of the colour. Recognized instantly by my new MacBook Pro (Touch Bar) using USB-C connector. note: This is not a Thunderbolt 3 drive. It still provides USB 3.0 Technology. Just using a USB-C connector. Expect the same speeds as USB 3.0 Drive.

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