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    Good product, getting ready to buy another one after 5 years!

    • Written by Mark D from Tulsa

    I bought one of these back in 2013 and am still using it today. Honestly, when one of the drives went bad, (it was almost 5 years old), I seriously considered not replacing it because of how old the machine was. But after considering my alternatives, I replaced the drive and then another drive went bad immediately after that. But because it was so easy to do, and the drives are so inexpensive, I really couldn't afford NOT to keep it going. Once I got the two new drives installed, it has been trucking along all year.

    When the first drive started going bad, the Pegasus software would repeatedly throw up error messages, and it actually took a bit of research to figure out what was going on. Basically, I think that some blocks started becoming un-writeable and the error messages would flow in similar to my junk mail box. You can turn off the notifications, which I had to do, because it became unbearable. Eventually, the light finally turned red on the actual drive, so it was obvious what the problem was at that point. Perhaps it would have been better to replace a drive before the light turned red?? Not sure... the error messages say that they will ignore the bad blocks, so I figured it would be fine. However, it really just seemed like a slow-motion train wreck and I would have rather got a new drive before it actually gave the red light.

    Another thing... the little "gizmo" that ejects the drive is pretty cheap. But it hardly ever has to be used, so I guess I can live with that, especially since I didn't ever touch it for 5 years. I will tell you though if you mess with it too much, the spring can pop out and whole ejector will fall apart. You can put it back together, but it's like a puzzle if you don't remember how it goes together. Anyway...

    The reason I am here is because I am looking at getting a second unit, so I was just poking around and saw that there were no good reviews. So I would figure I would chime in and tell you what I have seen with my unit.

    The one I'm looking at is exactly the same size as my current one, which is hard to believe after 5 years. But the capacity still suits my needs, and I think the original one I bought was around $4000. Plus this new one has Thunderbolt 3.

    Anyway, take it for what it's worth. I'm buying another one!

  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Working well so far

    • Written by Gabriel M from Waterloo

    I've got this RAID system back in August 2017. It's working all right, despite being in use almost constantly. I keep being worried because I did not buy a hard drive in case one in the RAID fails. But so far all is well.

    I also have several R6s with thunderbolt 1, very old. Still running. A few hard drives have given up, but replacing them has been no issue (yep hot swap!). I wish Promise had a longer list of compatible hard drives though.

    Anyway, I'm getting another one of these. I'd try the LaCie, but those are a tad more expensive and there's no reviews to help me decide.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Amazing Functionality and Zero Problems

    • Written by Peter A K from Singapore

    read the other reviews, and I can only say, bought this unit (and am about to order a 2nd Unit) about a year ago, works perfectly, software updates are regular as and when needed. Have become a Big Fan of Promise, as it does deliver indeed a promise.
    Own a total of 3 units now, adding another, all over the period of 3 years, and never ever had any issues.
    Cannot say the same for Western and La Cie, which was was the worst ever, had several units over the years, and the life span off various configurations never more then 1 1/2 to 2 years, overheating Drive failures etc. etc.
    so as far as I am. concerned, Promise has me as a loyal customer, today anyhow. not sure why others had some many problems, but for me at least simply happy,
    am a back-up and storage fanatic, due to issues for many years with other brands, but for once, I can only say, excellent equipment.
    and no I am not a paid reviewer, but am spending a bomb on quality equipment and simply expect it to perform.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Promise Does Not Update Drivers/Kexts

    • Written by CJ D from Pittsford

    I own a Pegasus2 R4 and Pegasus3 R4, with the Pegasus2 having been purchased from Apple in 2014 when I upgraded my Mac Pro5,1 to the current gen Mac Pro6,1 for external storage. Since then, Promise's KEXT's and drivers have been problematic on numerous OS X/macOS releases. Many have reported their Thunderbolt arrays randomly eject (the array's are properly connected to the correct Thunderbolt port on the array to the Mac without any other devices or displays connected and the latest software/drivers installed). I never experienced this issue however my Mac Pro consistently crashes due to a kernel panic with the necessary KEXT installed. As a registered developer, I have worked with Apple and Promise on this matter for the past three years and yet the problem persists. Currently it's worse with macOS Mojave Developer Previews. Shutting down or restarting my Mac results in a kernel panic due to the KEXT (which is 32-bit, amazing for the price Promise charges). I've uninstalled everything but the necessary KEXT, clean installed macOS numerous times, spoken with Promise Tech Support, followed all recommended procedures, and yet the problem's persist. I check Promise's site on a regular basis hoping for updated firmware, KEXT's, drivers, etc and they rarely update the required drivers for their products. They are well aware of the problems yet do not seem interested in maintaining this particular product line. I would highly suggest researching other Thunderbolt array's as Promise seems disinterested in supporting their Pegasus line of products.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Two Problems When Connected to an iMac Pro

    • Written by Thomas N. W from Raleigh

    I purchased this Pegasus3 system in December 2017 when I purchased my iMac Pro. I have two problems with the Pegasus3. When you install the latest Mac driver on the Pegasus website, it installs a file named Pegasus2R2ICON.kext which causes immediate ejection of all USB hard drives attached to the iMac Pro. Remove the subject file and the drive ejection issue goes away while the Pegasus3 functions fine. With the Pegasus3 attached to the iMac Pro, I cannot boot into Windows 10 (installed using Bootcamp). The iMac Pro will simply hang at the Windows 10 logo screen with the spinning circle of white dots. Disconnect the Pegasus3 and Windows 10 boots up fine. Reatttach the Pegasus3 after windows 10 is running and it works fine. These are serious problems that I notified Promise Support about in January 2018 and I still have an open ticket with them. They have never resolved either problem. Beware of this Pegasus3 system if you plan to use it with an iMac Pro.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Christopher G from adelaide

    1 Hd failure in first month. Temperature warnings poppng up constantly. Promise Technology response to this was "Maybe turn up your air conditioner" Will be taking it back and buying a different brand.

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