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    Two Problems When Connected to an iMac Pro

    I purchased this Pegasus3 system in December 2017 when I purchased my iMac Pro. I have two problems with the Pegasus3. When you install the latest Mac driver on the Pegasus website, it installs a file named Pegasus2R2ICON.kext which causes immediate ejection of all USB hard drives attached to the iMac Pro. Remove the subject file and the drive ejection issue goes away while the Pegasus3 functions fine. With the Pegasus3 attached to the iMac Pro, I cannot boot into Windows 10 (installed using Bootcamp). The iMac Pro will simply hang at the Windows 10 logo screen with the spinning circle of white dots. Disconnect the Pegasus3 and Windows 10 boots up fine. Reatttach the Pegasus3 after windows 10 is running and it works fine. These are serious problems that I notified Promise Support about in January 2018 and I still have an open ticket with them. They have never resolved either problem. Beware of this Pegasus3 system if you plan to use it with an iMac Pro.

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    1 Hd failure in first month. Temperature warnings poppng up constantly. Promise Technology response to this was "Maybe turn up your air conditioner" Will be taking it back and buying a different brand.

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