• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    nothing like the one I had on my 3rd generation iPad

    • Written by Brian S from Crofton

    This case makes your sleek iPad Pro an inch thick at the hinge. The keyboard only works in landscape mode unlike the Logitech keyboard it replaces on my iPad 3rd generation. It is bulkier than my 3rd generation iPad with that generation keyboard! I plan to return it ASAP.

    The bulk of the keyboard makes it awkward to use the iPad when it isn't on a table. The hinge magnetic hinge setup is not strong enough so that I nearly dropped my iPad sitting on the sofa.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    How to turn your IPad into a MacBook

    • Written by Jose N from Martorell

    I was looking forward to the "Slim" Logitech keyboard. This would be a nice way of having the best of both words (an IPad that almost works like a laptop), and travel light... It would, if Logitech understood the meaning of the word "Slim".
    The whole thing is well built, no doubt, and Logitech is a great brand for keyboards and mouse, but they got this design wrong. Once fitted, your IPad, all slim, elegant, and light is turned into a bulky, fat, and ugly thing. I much rather keep carrying my MacBook 11", if that is the best Logitech can do.
    Sorry, but either try harder, or drop the word "Slim". This is not a slim combo, period.

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