• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Wow Amazing

    • Written by Timothy S from Glassboro

    New to the drone world though this drone is pretty amazing. Not difficult to fly, a lot of technical features and great videos. Fly more package is great, though the case it comes with from DJI is a joke. It will only hold a couple accessories or the drone alone. Go to amazon and buy a case for $20-30 bucks that will fit everything securely.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great package, “INCLUDES” the remote

    • Written by Nawar D from Melbourne

    First of all, the website description of the remote being sold apparently is wrong,
    I ended pirchasing the remote along side at the time of check out only to find out that there is one in the package “wish they mention it it”
    So I’ll be returning it for a refund as it’s pointless when it’s in the packages

    However, the drone itself is great, not that straight forward to setup ,
    Ideally you will need to hook up the phone to the remote via WIFI first, Then the app will guide through booking up to the drone,
    Had to reset the WiFi settings on the drone a few times,
    It will want to do a firmware update and that was difficult as you will need to do that off 4G and cannot be done on WIFI,
    As the remote must still be hooked up to the phone and I will also suggest you give them all a charge first as it will take a while to do the setup.

    After many attempts I finally managed to get the firmware updated , and had to go outside for the setup as the GPS wasn’t working well on a stormy night , however I finally got it going and it was really easy to fly “stick to the default flight control settings at first”, and the remote was easy to work out.

    Battery charges quite quick, but the phone’s dies quick too. So get battery packs just in case.

    Picture quality is amazing, settings are easy to configure, and at night it looks like. UFO lol

    The charger for the batteries has a duel USB port chargers , it houses and charges 3 batteries at a time. but the the hub isn’t usb supported so you need Mains power to charge the batteries and that is a huge downfall in my opinion .

    All in all, a really great product once it works .

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