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    Not as fast as hoped - I should have done more research before purchasing

    I have been using two of these for the last 9 months. They run quiet, cool and, so far, have been reliable.

    Two cables are supplied, one for the USB 3 port and the other for the USB C. I have tried the drives in both of the ports and the transfer speeds are almost the same in both and is a little more than half the advertised maximum of 195 MB/s. I had hoped for more, particularly from the USB C. Seems the USB C capability offers no benefit over USB 3 for these drives and that alone does not justify the expense. That being said, the quality of construction does seem to be good.

    I checked the G Drive web site and see that the drive is only a 5200 rpm drive and there is no mention of the cache size.

    Had I known all of this before I might have chosen different drives

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    Failed after a few days

    I bought two of these recently, as I had two of the previous generation (USB3&FW800). One failed after a few days and many files were corrupted. I promptly returned both after discovering the drive in this model is less than half the cost of the drive in the previous generation.

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