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    AWESOME! I haven't had so much fun in years!

    The Mekamon robot is great for learning Swift programming. There is a free MekAcademy Playground for the Swift Playgrounds app that teaches basic Swift syntax and offers access to some of the motions that the Mekamon can perform. It has 50 or 60 basic movements, many of which are combinations of individual movements, that are hard to believe could be performed at all. In the Playground there are structured exercises that you write in Swift (with lots of hints when you mis-type).
    Reach Robotics promises to offer even more motions in future versions of the MekAcademy.
    The Augmented Reality feature is super fun. All it requires is the mat on your floor to orient the robot. Then you can either watch your iPhone or iPad screen to see your Mek and the augmented enemies coming at you. Lots of weapons to choose from. You can also send the video to your AppleTV.
    Unless you look at the videos on YouTube or play with one in the store, you won't really understand how much fun this is.
    By the way, these are ONLY sold in Apple Stores!

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