• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    No starts would be better

    • Written by Ivan W from Greytown

    I have had nothing but problems since day one with this purchase, it stopped working after a week and it has taken 4 months to get a replacement from Seagate, and a further $125 shipping costs. I've had the new one for a week or so and it is doing the same thing, failing to power up once connected. I have no faith in this product and are out of pocket over $1000 for only a couple of weeks storage use.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great when it works

    • Written by Randy A from Cupertino

    When I researched this online, I found a number of complaints about product failure within the first year due to power problems. I bought it anyway, figuring Apple must have checked it out before placing it in its store. Sure enough, power gave out 82 days after I purchased this and I had a dead box. I had used it only for backup, so an irritating but not a fatal problem. LaCie (all the components appear to be Seagate and support certainly appeared to be Seagate, so I'm not sure why they call it LaCie) was great, despite some reviews to the contrary, and I quickly had a replacement that's been running fine for over a month. Being paranoid, I put the replacement on a UPS -- I suspect the power system in the box doesn't do well with power fluctuations or failures. Overall, I love the product and the concept -- it's a perfect fit for my needs. However, I will never use the storage for anything other than backup. While I am sure their data protection guarantee is great (they push it repeatedly from support), I don't want to find out by using them to recover critical data that didn't get backed up.

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