• 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Misleading product marketing - and does not connect to Home app

    • Written by Paul R from Sellindge

    I've been using the Link Plus hub for a few months now and have an honest review to provide. It's really not the review I was hoping to give though as I really wanted the LightwaveRF kit installed throughout my house. Before committing to spending thousands replacing switches, sockets, PIRs and relays I wanted to trial the product. I'm REALLY glad I made that decision.

    First off. I have the Lightwave relay fitted to my electric driveway gates. If you are content on using the lightwave iOS app to open and close the relay you will not be disappointed as this works 95% of the time. Still not perfect but it's not bad either. The times it fails to work are when the Lightwave link plus decides it doesn't want to communicate with the internet any more so requires a reboot.

    IF, you fall for the marketing and believe you will be able to use the iOS Home app to open and close the Lightwave relay (as I did) you WILL be disappointed. Even though the Lightwave Link Plus is 'Homekit' compatible (I'll get to this in a sec), not ALL accessories connected to it are, Being from the tech industry this makes absolutely no sense to me. The relay is connected to the Lightwave Link Plus hub. There's a pairing there. Now, if my Home app is then connected to the Link Plus hub itself what can't a command to open/close the relay be relayed via the Link Plus hub? My iPhone does not need a 1-1 connection with every accessory, just the hub!

    My final point is the total unreliability to connect to the Link Plus hub from the Home app. A main selling point. To say the connection is random would be generous. 99/100 the Link Plus isn't found by the Home app when typing in the code printed on the sticker underneath. It's extremely frustrating to the point I have now decided to just use it as a gate controller.

    I'm now searching for a new system. One that is controllable through the Home app and meets my requirements.

  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Poor support and poor integration with Apple Home hub

    • Written by John M from Torquay

    I’ve had problems from day one with this kit. Bought the hub and three double sockets along with one dimmer switch. It’s completely random as to whether any of it connects through Apple Home. Most of the time the Lightwave app responds correctly, but Apple Home reports as not being connected. After long long email correspondence with Lightwave who repeatedly tell me to do things with the Home app to delete the Lightwave hub, which there is no provision to do, the final advice is to remove the Apple Hub and start again, even though all other automations through it are working correctly for my other kit such as Hue lights. I’ve deleted the Home Hub to no effect three times niw.
    The dimmer switch works fine through the app but as a physical dimmer switch is completely useless. It’s almost impossible to dim using the buttons on the switch and if you set the amount of dim through the app and then return to use the switch, it forgets the settings applied through the app. Lightwave answer is to remove the low wattage bulbs and replace with 50watt bulbs. Hardly a Green response in this day and age. Spent a lot of money on this and it’s all pretty useless to me. I just wanted to be able to use Siri to control the sockets but the unreliability of it all is heartbreaking and my wife just can’t rely on it anymore. There’s no phone support and each email takes days to receive an answer to. Approach with care.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very misleading product line! No Siri support!

    • Written by Benjamin J from Brenchley

    To be clear, even with Lightwave Link PLUS hub you can't use HomePod/Home/Siri to voice control your switches! Very disappointed! huge amount of money wasted!

    If I can't control each accessory with Siri on HomeKit why did I just spend all that money on the Link Plus hub?

    Utter garbage!

    I can live with multiple apps to set up the different brands of home automation but then it needs to all be usable through HomeKit once set up. Otherwise its hardly a smart home when I have to spend more time finding the right app, than just getting out my seat to flick a switch!

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    Can't link to app

    • Written by Christopher M from Basildon

    I just get a message on the app saying “link plus needs updating", so I am unable to link the hub to the app making the whole system pointless as I just have dumb switches now. There is no information on how to fix this problem, all I can find on the internet is lots of other people complaining about the same issue. Looks like I will have to make a trip back to the apple store to return everything, shame, but this system is clearly not ready. Think I will try philips hue instead

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Very frustraiting

    • Written by Graham W from Whitley Bay

    I have been using lightwave products for years and had the previouse version of the link installed in my home, swapping to this new one was easy but then they updated the app, I downloaded the new one and it won't open so I can't control anything, I tried using the web version of the control interface but that only sees my old link and there doesn't seem to be a way to add the new link, I had assumed adding the new link to my account when the app was working would have updated the web based version of the control interface to but it seems not to. All in all a bit of a shambles, hopefully they will update the app soon so I can actually open it again

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