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    Cant fault the hub

    • Written by Karl M from Hinckley

    Setup and connection to my iPhone was a piece of cake. I can control lights in my Garden, Hall, Landing and bedroom the response time is almost instant from saying hey Siri the command is sent and the light is on/off. The web app from what I can gather does not always return the correct information the phone app is far more accurate. For example the web app will indicate a switch is in Master mode not slave but the phone will report it correctly, the web app will also show a switch 100% but off however the phone will show it 0% and off, so I don't rate the web app at all.

    The biggest issue is setting up what you want to call everything as you add each switch. you need Zones then rooms and thinking about what you want to call everything. Zone 1 would be Downstairs Zone 2 Upstairs and Zone 3 garden then bedroom 1 bedroom 2 etc. you could have a main light in bedroom 1 and 2 but if you said main light on both lights would switch on, so you need to say bedroom1 main light on, you could go main 1 main 2. The is so much you can do its endless with the automations but a couple that I really like is as you return home the light will switch on if its dark or as the last person leaves the house all the lights will switch off. You can set if and or rules around this so if you going out for the evening and its between a certain time it can leave one or more lights on.

    Wiring of multi switches was more tricky but after a bit of reading of how to wire the switches and checking the continuity of my own wiring (which had L1 and L2 switch over) I was able to get them sorted. My recommendation if your not the practical type and don't understand wiring systems for multiple switches get help. Changing a single light switch or plug socket is straight forward and can be done by anyone with practical experience but read the wiring instructions.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Expensive but worth it for convenience

    • Written by James S from Tiverton

    Bought the Lightwave link plus, dimmer and socket. No problems setting the devices up and no problems with the link plus updating. Bought the product mainly due to having a light switch behind a door; however having it all working with HomeKit/Siri and Alexa has made a massive difference. The dimmer works flawlessly and the plug sockets have been great. Waiting for Lightwaverf to release a single socket so that I can update other sockets in the house. The HomeKit function makes linking devices easy and allows automation with other products. Haven’t really used app after setup but seemed to work ok. Great product, with great future potential.

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