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    Flawlessly beautiful

    • Written by Rebecca M from Hucknall

    I am on this website to by my third set of these lights. We have now automated the living room the nursery and the dressing room. I am about to buy two more, two gang dimmers for the kitchen. These babies are really easy to install... even for me. the app that comes with them is well designed, you can use home kit and Alexa to control them and a huge bonus, they look fantastic. Don't let one persons bad experience put you off, I saw the one bad review on here about these lights and knew I needed to set the record straight.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Flickering lights

    • Written by Julian O from London

    I purchased two of the 2nd generation 2 gang LightwaveRF dimmers with the required hub. Whilst the installation was very simple, and the communication with Apple HomeKit worked flawlessly, unfortunately the lights did not.
    I followed the requirements in terms of ensuring I had the appropriate wattage on the 4 sets of halogen lights these dimmers were controlling (3 sets of ceiling down lights, and 1 pair of wall lights with less than 250W on each), yet experienced constant flickering on all the lights. In some cases this occurred immediately and others after an unpredictable short period of time. I tried changing all the halogen bulbs, to a lower wattage, but to no avail. I spoke to the Lightwaverf support team on several occasions but could not resolve the issue.
    Sadly I returned the 3 devices to the Apple store 13 days later for a refund.
    I was disappointed as the devices look great, and in terms of communication worked perfectly with both the lightwave app and Apple HomeKit.
    Perhaps the cause relates to the electrics in my house, however when I replaced these with my original Schneider dimmers, no flickering exists, nor did it prior to to this episode.
    I would buy these again if the issues I experienced could be resolved.

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