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    Fast, Quiet, really easy to use and a professional setup

    I have been looking for a RAID system to backup and protect my 3Tb, and still growing, iTunes library and to backup a lot of stand alone disks and have tried a number of different types, the last major player cost me over £2.5k in enclosures and disks and then kept disconnecting and causing kernel panics on my brand new 27" iMac - haven't had one of them for many years. So even though this would give me a much reduced Tb footprint I thought I would give it a go. Arrived on time the next day, well packaged. So easy to attach, just unbox, plug the power cable and thunderbolt cable in and a few seconds later it appeared on my desktop, the system report telling me a connection of 20Gb/s. Then just download the configurator from the G-Tech website and off you go. Even included in this download are the icons for use after a reformat if you want to use Raid. It made a little noise when setting up Raid, but after that it hardly ever makes a noise, and it is also very fast!

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