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    3.5 Stars

    • Written by Mark H from Kaneohe

    Due to frequent travel using hotel rooms in the ASEAN region I bought this to display movies from my laptop to the nearest wall instead of watching local TV programming (and there's only so many 30 min segments of BBC I can handle consecutively). For the most part the 720p image is very good. I've watched Thor Ragnarok, Only the Brave, and Star Trek Discovery. The images were clear without any audio delay. The item is lightweight and travels easy. The 12" (included) HDMI cable is perfect for my hotel room. The USB-C charger is tacky, clunky, cheaply made, and fragile; don't drop it! The battery life is less than 2 hours with the speaker running--no problem, plug er into AC power. The anti-trapezoid image fixing feature is nice as there is a tilt function, but the part that tilts is heavier than the part that is to remain flat. Consequently, the entire device tilts toward the heavier side distorting the image--no problem, I folded my room-key holder into a makeshift carpentry "horse," and the Marvel Universe returned to normal. The device will seemingly only charge through it's proprietary USB-C (to C) AC adapter. Any Apple AC adapter with a USB A (to C) cable will not work. For $299 + tax, I was hoping not to have to carry the charger.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Cool pocket projector with a few glitches

    • Written by North L from Berkeley

    Design and picture quality of this small projector are great. I wish the focus button was more granular since it's easy to make the picture blurry in either direction, but difficult to get it just right. The biggest issue for me is the connectivity. The power cord won't reliably charge the device. So watching movies will sometimes make it crash even though it seemed like it was plugged in. Once depleted, the batteries have to be charged for a while prior to resuming the show. Also, I've found the volume to be inconsistent and glitchy with the Apple AV Adapter. Overall, good projector with a few problems.

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  • 3.0 out of 5 stars

    Great picture, bad components.

    • Written by Megan L from Austin

    We purchased this projector to play movies while we travel. We tested it at home first and found that the picture was awesome and the sound was ok. But the flaw that is leading us to return the unit is the power cord. The connection is weak, so the cord falls out at the slightest movement. If not for this issue, the product would have received 5 stars.

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