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    • Written by Edward D from London

    A boatload of these helped me solve a problem my house suffers from - super cold ground-floor, reasonably heated middle floor (with the central tado thermostat) and a top floor with bedrooms. With only one tado thermostat on the middle floor, all on/off heating decisions are made based on the temperature of my middle floor. This means to heat the ground floor comfortably I essentially need to skew the heating target for the middle floor higher.

    Simple TRVs on the radiators only help so far - as I could turn down the middle floor as much as possible, and the ground floor to maximum, yet the middle floor would still hit temperature prior to the ground.

    The solution - Tado Smart Radiator Thermostats. Now I have every room in the house with it's own schedule. The central heating will be enabled when ever a room needs heat - with all the other rooms being stopped by their radiator thermostats.

    And the joy is it's all dynamic. On weekends the room full of toys can be kept warm, yet on weekdays it can become a fridge.


    Yes - I doubt I will save money on this in a LONG LONG while, having spent about a grand to get this deployed... however if comfort is what you are after, I definitely recommend.

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    Good product - poor customer support from Tado

    • Written by Ian S from Bristol

    Great looking product, easy to fit to Drayton TRVs, good app and geolocation feature. Bit of a vanity product as the return on investment seems a long way off. My experience of the customer support from Tado is dreadful and they do not stock spare parts for the customer to buy. So if all goes well and you do not need to contact Tado 4 stars, if you have to contact Tado 1 star and that is being positive.

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    Superb product!!

    • Written by Imran A from Washington

    Very Applesque design. Simple and elegant even the packaging. Easy installation and a fantastic app to go with it. Highly recommended.

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