• 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Cracks easily

    • Written by Drew W from Austin

    Imagine a very thin glass on your phone. Feels great just like glass. Also is a cheap imitation of glass that cracks very easily. I recommend if you want the feel of glass and the comfort of having a scratch free phone underneath. Also recommend buying a lot of them, because they crack very easily and looks just like a cracked phone screen. I've never broken a phone screen. This had a crack without being dropped in the first week. 2-3 weeks in and I have 3 crack locations. Feels great it really is a better experience than regular plastic but I sure hate having to take it back to the store to install another one dust free.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    2 cracked in 6 months

    • Written by Sarah F from Cleveland

    I have been through 2 of these in 6 months. This last time I did drop my phone but it hit my foot before hitting the floor and that still cracked the protector. Customer service is great at sending replacements but the people at Apple can absolutely refuse to put the replacement on, which can result in a lot of user error etc. I paid a premium at Apple thinking I'd have this protector for the length of the phone but no such luck. If I had to do it over again, I'd get a different brand.

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    Invisiglass screen protector

    • Written by Leslie R from Montreal

    I purchased my iPhone X last year. I also purchased the Belkin screen saver at that time. Two weeks later the screensaver cracked. I went back to Apple store who gave me a new one which they put on with their Belkin screen application device. Two weeks later, the invisiglass started coming unstuck. I wrote to Belkin and they replaced it. I applied it making sure that my phone screen was perfectly clean. Two weeks later, it came unstuck again. Belkin is replacing it again.
    Are there any tricks to keep the invisiglass from coming unglued??

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Terrible Quality

    • Written by Emily M from Paris

    This screen protector does protect your screen but the actual screen protector cracks very easily. I was able to get a free second screen protector when the first one had cracked but it came with a very bad applicator so I went to Apple to see if they could put it on for me and they could not since it was a warranty screen protector which is “different”. Since I applied the second screen protector myself with the applicator it does not look good at all, there are small bubbles everywhere. The second screen protector cracked from a very small fall. I am not interested in buying another screen protector from this brand or even considering contacting belkin for a free new one. The quality is not worth it.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    OK but not for the money!

    • Written by Benjamin F from Reading

    I had purchased this screen protector as a replacement for a Quadlock protector that was beyond useless, and a complete waste of money! This protector is great in the sense apple fit it for you, however the sides do take a while to stick down. I am now coming into week 4 and it is starting to show lots of scratches. I am pleased that its on this rather than on my iPhone screen, however I was kind of hoping for some longevity out of it, especially at £25... SO BUYER BEWARE. Shop around first before buying.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Annoying shimmering on the edges

    • Written by Gerard A from Ottawa

    I recently got the second version of the screen protector, which is supposedly thicker and sturdier than the first one. Overall, the screen looked nice after installation. I hope Belkin would expand the width of the protector just a tiny bit more to avoid the shimmering effect on the edges of the screen. I probably would not buy this again, given another chance.

  • 2.0 out of 5 stars


    • Written by Michael K from Hoboken

    Worked for about 2 months and then bubbles started to appear. Doesn't seem worth spending $40 for a product that has issues like this

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Very weak glass

    • Written by Chris R from STATEN ISLAND

    At first, it seems like a really nice screen protector (I have the iPhone X) but one drop and it's all over which wasn't a high fall at all. I wouldn't recommend this for drop protection. cracks galore

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Belkin screen protector

    • Written by Reza R from CUPERNITO

    This assessment is due by several factors:
    1. I also bought the previous model, which broke after a very short time, and it changed very little, mainly to the eye seems to have changed only the thickness. It must be considered that I take great care of my things, there are no apparent reasons for the break, it can happen simply holding it in your pocket or simply resting it on the table or just during the application.
    2. I have tried and used tempered glass of "competing" / inferior brands that alas, even if they create problems after time (a month or a month and a half last), at least they do not last as little as this. With substantial differences in price, as those of the competition I've tried cost LESS than half and in the pack at least there are AT LEAST 2, so as not to have to spend again the figure and ALWAYS have at least another reserve.
    3. The only detail that makes the difference and that deserves this star more, is the fact that in the Belkin packaging there is the applicator, a base where you insert the phone and the application of glass is easier. However, there is still something missing, that is the UMIDA pezzolina as well as the dry one, which in my opinion needs a lot to clean the screen before the application.

    Final considerations:
    It is not worth ABSOLUTELY, AND REJECT, IN NO WAY what it costs. In my opinion Apple, could rely on a better brand or otherwise could TESTARE products better. The glass is used to protect the screen of a device that costs over € 1000, in my opinion can not. A tempered glass of THIS "quality" can not cost so much, I care about the protection of my iPhone and I have not found the right balance with this glass.
    Another thing on which I am doubtful, the glass of my iPhone, before the application, was perfectly clean, I do not therefore understand why the procedure has to find ALWAYS (both for this and the previous model removed from the trade) one or two MICRO bubbles. Now I wonder if the packaging is actually done properly, with accuracy, if the first time could be a CASE, the second no. This is also a fundamental detail that has never happened with tempered glass of other competing brands that cost LESS than half.

    I will try to ask for reimbursement, and I hope this review can leverage the company's attitude, hoping that they can improve by reading it. At the moment we are not there. I advise against it, but at the same time I accept opinions on other experiences or answers on the same company.
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