• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    6 months of use - simple, but effective and reliable

    • Written by Richard B from Chichester

    I've had this lock installed on my front door for six months now. Neither my wife nor I have had an issue with it. With my wife not being particularly trusting of tech or tech-savvy, that's very good.

    Yes, you can't use the Danalock app (which should be made clearer by the manufacturer in all honesty), but I actually prefer that - I know that Apple has tight security and are unlikely to drop support for locks in Homekit (whereas I don't know how secure Danalock's app is, whether it can be easily hacked, or if they will support their lock for the long term). For smart lighting, for example, it wouldn't be an emergency if someone managed to hack your lights, but for the lock on your front door, it's a more important consideration that I'd happily sacrifice additional features for (which hopefully Apple will release via Homekit at some stage).

    I'd recommend.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Don’t waste money

    • Written by Rafal W from Manchester

    Most unstable HomeKit device - 10 times per day going to ,,not response’’ state.
    After sale support not existing.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Welcome to the Future

    • Written by Ted F from Towcester

    Danalock V3 is fantastic, don't let the other reviews put you off!

    I have it set up on the Home app and everything works brilliantly. I have an Apple TV running as the Homekit server, worth noting that the Bluetooth is limited on the lock. You will need either an Apple TV or iPad running as a Homekit server relatively close to be able to work remotely.

    Auto unlock works in Homekit automation. however, you need to confirm the automation to work. Would be great if Apple would allow this to work without confirmation, does seem a little daft to have an automation that requires an input to work, not very automatic if you ask me. There is a workaround if you do a little bit of research. Would be 5 stars if I didn't have to use a workaround for the auto lock to work.

    Overall very pleased, and would recommend.

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  • 1.0 out of 5 stars

    Can’t recommend

    • Written by Michael B from Trinity

    I would heavily recommend that no one buy one of these locks whilst they are supplied with Gerda lock mechanisms. I bought one last week from the Regent Street Apple store and then had a lock smith install it. All good apart from only having 3 keys supplied as standard.

    No problem I was led to believe as I was also supplied with the key card entitling me to additional keys from Gerda. 1st issue no lock smiths seem to exist in the UK that can provide keys as apparently Gerda refuse to supply blanks to them. Not sur if this is true or not but I contacted Gerda directly who told me to bu a new lock because they only supplied replacement keys to customers buying locks directly from them.

    After having spent nearly £300 including the lock smith I have a lock without enough keys and am waiting for Gerda, Danalock or Apple to respond to how this will be resolved.

    Given my experience I can’t recommend anyone else buy one and end up in the same position.

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Things are not always as claimed

    • Written by trevor H from Tynemouth

    Excellent hardware design and function, works well with Siri for locking/unlocking and Homekit for auto lock/unlock. Low noise level when operating and good notifications when used via a Homekit hub. Please note that some of the advertised functions are not available via Homekit and that emails asking for advice are ignored by Danalock support. My example was shipped with a Gerda brand adjustable cylinder that was of poor quality and unusable because it could not be inserted into the eurolock aperture. An email of complaint was speedily and efficiently answered by Danalock support and the replacement Danalock brand cylinder was of excellent quality and fitted perfectly. Part of the confusion regarding Homekit functionality is caused by the multiplicity of web articles detailing various versions of the product. Danalock needs to resolve this confusion before selling too many of the V3 Homekit version lest an excellent and well-designed product becomes tainted by claims of misrepresentation.

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  • 2.0 out of 5 stars

    Really poor Homekit-integration & terrible attitude from manufacturer.

    • Written by Pontus K from Höllviken

    The Homekit integration of the Danalock V3 is really poor; Homekit-versions of the Danalock V3 is NOT supported by the Danalock app itself, meaning you can't do more than lock and unlock via Apple Home. ALL other functionality like sending guest-invites with time-limited validity, or changing the settings of the lock remotely, etc is NOT available at all. But the worst part of all is the manufacturer's attitude which is "Apple's problem, not ours; - if the Apple Home app doesn't support those features it's Apple's fault, not ours. If you wanted those features, you should have bought the z-wave version of Danalock instead". Very surprised Apple accepted products with such poor Homekit-integration for listing in their store! Hopefully it will put the spotlight on the problems though, so manufacturer changes attitude.

    The hardware itself is good, or even really good. Just a BIG shame its more or less useless as a smart lock because of the non-existing software/app support. But worst of all, is the manufacturer's attitude of not even wanting to recognise and take responsibility for the problem.

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