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    Really poor Homekit-integration & terrible attitude from manufacturer.

    The Homekit integration of the Danalock V3 is really poor; Homekit-versions of the Danalock V3 is NOT supported by the Danalock app itself, meaning you can't do more than lock and unlock via Apple Home. ALL other functionality like sending guest-invites with time-limited validity, or changing the settings of the lock remotely, etc is NOT available at all. But the worst part of all is the manufacturer's attitude which is "Apple's problem, not ours; - if the Apple Home app doesn't support those features it's Apple's fault, not ours. If you wanted those features, you should have bought the z-wave version of Danalock instead". Very surprised Apple accepted products with such poor Homekit-integration for listing in their store! Hopefully it will put the spotlight on the problems though, so manufacturer changes attitude.

    The hardware itself is good, or even really good. Just a BIG shame its more or less useless as a smart lock because of the non-existing software/app support. But worst of all, is the manufacturer's attitude of not even wanting to recognise and take responsibility for the problem.

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