• 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Works as expected

    • Written by Caroline S from Marleston

    I've had this for about 9 months now and it's worked seamlessly. It's been very easy to change watering schedules using the app, and my garden has survived as a result. I don't have it set up with HomeKit as I don't have a hub, but this hasn't been a problem for me. Schedules are still easy to use if you're changing settings using BlueTooth. I'm going to be buying a second one for my front yard.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Automated garden watering, no hassles

    • Written by Joseph L from Chicago

    As a happy owner of a couple other Eve Homekit products, I thought this would be the perfect solution to simplify my garden-watering, and so far it has been.

    Great packaging and an easy unboxing experience. The included batteries are a classy touch. I found it quite easy to set up a timed watering via the app, and so far it has been quite reliable. I've activated the Eve Aqua once or twice via Siri, but I expect that the vast majority of my usage will be automated/timed; it's just so much easier.

    In my opinion, an underrated feature of this device is the physical on/off switch on the device itself. This is key from any Homekit product, because there are times when you'll need to override the smart technology and won't have Siri available. I don't own an Apple TV, so I'm using the Aqua's direct bluetooth connection only, but haven't had problems with range/connectivity like a few other reviewers.

    The biggest improvement I'd like to see (and this could be achieved via software update) is full capabilities to schedule/automate via the Homekit app. The Eve app is great, but it would be nice to use one fewer app when setting up and maintaining my smart home. I don't have any prior expertise in other sprinkler/irrigation technology, but this has been perfect for my purposes.

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