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    Apple Like Garden of Eve, and Pricey.

    • Written by Mike D from LaSalle

    The Good:
    The GoPro Hero 7 Black is the top gun in the GoPro family of camera's. It has that same Apple Like software and hardware integration. THAT is what makes up a large part of the GoPro Hero 7 Black's cost. You get a seamless integration into the GoPro Cloud *.
    As well as fully compatible IOS or Android Apps. 2.7K wide mode with zoom and stability control captures the action (ex. Ice Hockey Game) smooth and with enough "image" to allow you to edit, zoom etc that you have a decent enough picture after processing. Sound is good, but the cats meow is really the stability and motion capture, GoPro hit it out of the park.
    The Bad
    It's way too pricey. The battery is exactly an hour worth of video at 4k or 2.7k. The Camera really heats up if capture a full 60 minute video. It occasionally will freeze or shut down on you when running hot, it's a known GoPro glitch regardless of camera. The accessories are overpriced, and the cloud service is buggy. Many times, when uploading to the cloud, it will fail, very frustrating.

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