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    Another Personal Data Vacuum

    • Written by John V from Ottawa

    “Syncs with Health App”. I suppose technically it does, however what is not made clear is that it doesn’t only share your data with the health app. It also shares all your data with Withings. A fact that is not made clear until you actually buy the product and go to set it up. At this point one is informed that you can only actually configure the device if you consent to sharing all of your data with Withings. THERE SHOULD BE NO NEED FOR THIS! None of the data processing is beyond iDevice capabilities, and iCloud api’s exist to sync between devices. What happens when they no longer feel the need to support their API’s?

    This is not just Withings problem. Apple should be making it clearer to customers prior to purchase when the items in question require an external data-sucking account to operate. Given Apple’s claim to be privacy minded it’s a bit surprising they don’t require their vendors to be more forthright.

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