• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Works but some design flaws.

    • Written by Todd M from New York

    Tested with iPhone Max and iPhone X. 1GB pipe from FIOS.


    The cable is too short for an absurdly large dongle! It is completely useless to hold an iPhone/iPad with this thing hanging underneath it plus the Ethernet cable. Even for kiosk use it is not long enough. Should have been at least 3'. There goes one star off. They should also have made the lightening connector pass more then just charging as it is technically capable of doing, for example, passing audio.


    Using SpeedTest I get 122Mbps down and 192Mbps. I have used a couple of other Lightening/Ethernet adapters from other companies and the best attained is 100 up/down. With those adapters my switch connects at 100BaseT. Which is what they advertised. With this Belkin my switch shows Gig connection. Which explains partly the better speed but contradicts Belkin saying it is only 10/100. What's up with that and can a firmware update make it faster??

    It does work over POE so that means you don't have to use the Lightening connector to charge if you have a POE switch. Nice!

    The problem with the other brands is their cable breaks at the Ethernet side in a few weeks of use. Guess that is what you get for 1/3 the price.

    To counter the short cable I bought a male to female Lightening extension (10 footer) with all 8 pins connected and now I can leave the adapter far away and overall I am satisfied. While it would have been nice to have closer to 500+ Mbps, this is fine for now. I put it in airplane mode and my EMF is almost zero. Apple – please allow calling, Facetime and messaging over Ethernet in IOS 13. You had it in IOS 9 and took it out!

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