• 4.0 out of 5 stars

    As advertised but too expensive for features or performance

    • Written by ANDREW B from EASTPORT

    The sensors are simple and refined, small, and Homekit devices. A quick check to my HOME screen at night on the macbook and can easily see all the lights (kids bedrooms) and the temps & humidity all at once. The batteries seem to last very long before needing a charge; I even forget about them. However, it is only displaying basic room info and I have $200 in for two of the items. The leaf status for air quality are the disappointment for the price point. These fluctuate from 2 to 5 leaves in my home but there is no idea why. What are they detecting? Also, followed the instructions to reset them to fresh air periodically by putting them outside for a few minutes. It is northern Michigan in winter so the sensor was a little confused and reading impossible numbers until the next power plug in and it got back to reality. It seems that a connected device could provide more info about what is being detected. These are 5-star items at $39.99 just not $99.99.

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