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    Better option than iPad Smart Keyboard

    • Written by Lia B from Oakland

    After reading the poor reviews for the iPad Smart Keyboard, I decided to try this one. Overall, it's nice and serves its purpose but I'm still on the lookout for something better.
    - backlit keyboard
    - does not touch iPad screen when closed (yay, no scratches!)
    - case has room & protection for pencil
    - offers back & side protection for iPad (like a full case)
    - bumpers/protection guards make it difficult to use the sleep/wake button on the iPad
    - requires charging
    - "traditional" raised keys (so be mindful of crumbs, spills, etc.)

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  • 4.0 out of 5 stars

    Logitech Smart Folio Pro 11 Inch Review

    • Written by Matthew T from Coventry

    I recently sold my Apple Smart Keyboard Folio in exchange for the Logitech Smart Folio Pro for my 11 inch iPad Pro.

    Initial impressions are mixed, firstly the good points:
    * The keyboard is excellent, the response on key strokes is great, as is the feedback. It feels like using the Apple Magic keyboard for typing experience, even on the smaller 11 inch iPad.
    * Protection is excellent, I have no concerns over the iPad bending or being damaged by falling etc. This case truly will protect your iPad
    * Holder for Apple Pencil is a great addition. Having the security knowing your pencil will not fall off when your walking or throwing your iPad into your bag is nice to have.
    * Backlit keys is also a plus at nighttime, however I never found this a problem as the iPads screen illuminates the keyboard enough for me to use at night.

    Negative points:
    * The weight is huge compared to the Apple Smart Folio. It really surprised me how much weight this added to the iPad vs. The Smart Folio and will take some time to get used to. The 12.9 must be much worse and it is now heavier/ equal to my MacBook Pro.
    * Using the keyboard in ‘iPad mode’ with the keyboard folded back is pretty terrible. The keyboard wobbles around and is not secure like it is on the Smart Folio. I have since purchased a cheap folio case to use when I am just using the iPad for content consumption.

    In all, it is a great keyboard, mainly aimed at those who type a lot, or use a lot for work on desks etc. If your main usage is content consumption/ web browsing or social media, then I would not recommend this case, but I am glad I swapped my Apple Smart Folio Pro for this.

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