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    A Very Windows-Like User Experience

    • Written by Jim M from Belleville

    I bought the Orbi cable modem for a fresh Spectrum install, only to be told by the technician that the 3.0 spec isn't supported by Charter nowadays ... Spectrum requires 3.1. So I returned the unit to Apple, drove down the street to Target and bought the Tri-Band Mesh WiFi System. It was $40 more expensive, but at least it was readily available. My nearest Apple Store is some distance away.

    The interface is very Windows-like and belies the simplicity the product claims to offer. At one point, the UI demanded the router serial number and I was standing in the middle of the room, holding the modem upside down and trying to read the SN with a magnifying glass.

    As an Apple user, we take for granted that products should 'just work.' This one doesn't. Setup requires some time - each unit needs several minutes to power on, connect and register in the clumsy online app - and is not without frustration. All in all, I spent about 4 hours getting the two units to communicate properly.

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    A Great Wireless Solution for the Modern House

    • Written by Lucas J from Odenton

    This is a great wifi solution for the house of today. The range is great with the main unit and the satellite unit; they work together in a mesh network to make your wifi flow throughout the whole area. The 3Gbps wifi speed is perfectly fast for 95% of users today--it'll work for watching Netflix, it'll work for playing most online games, etc.

    The software from Netgear is great, too! Netgear has been improving their front-end user interface for years and it is easy to use and polished. Novice users can easily figure out what they need to do to set up, and more advanced users can find some great controllable options, too.

    And last but not least--the whole thing looks great too! You can put this out in plain site and it won't look ugly or overly "tech". The white color and sleek lines will fit an Apple aesthetic well.

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    NOT 3 Gbps

    • Written by Rune M from København V

    The stated 3 Gbps are the combined dedicated backhaul (4x4 MIMO, theoretical 1733 Mbps), the user available 2.4 GHz (2x2 MIMO, theoretical 400 Mbps) and the user available 5 GHz (2x2 MIMO, theoretical 867 Mbps).
    Real life, people are measuring 300-500 Mbps LAN-WAN speeds, slower Wi-Fi.

    That being said, coverage and actual average speed is beyond anything else on the market right now! Just need Netgear to fix their firmware so Wi-Fi devices aren’t kicked off every once in awhile...

    You should also look into the Orbi Pro line, which is rated for up to 40 simultaneous connections (non-pro is rated to 20 in spite of identical hardware) and offers a few extra features at the same price.

    Do also notice the RBS50Y outdoor satellite, rated IP66 in the Netgear consumer site - and IP56 on their business site :)

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    Perfect for a mid size house

    • Written by JR E from The Colony

    I have a 2000 sq foot house with some spotty places that 1 access point wouldn't work. I've tried range extenders but it didn't work well either. The Orbi solved everything right out of the box. I was able to put a lan cable to the satellite and away I went. Set up was a breeze and so was updating all of the firmware. I was finally able to get the max speeds from my internet that I wasn't able to get previously. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

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  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    Great Router for the price

    • Written by Nicholas C from New Braunfels

    My house has allot of small rooms. Have multiple access points makes this so much easier. During Intial install I had an IP conflict (my fault). Customer chat support through the app was amazing. Figured it out in literally 90 seconds.

    Having this also makes it easy for me to spread out my peripherals that are on the network to make the one that required hardline more accessible. When I received this I didn’t realize how big of a deal this was. (Used to going in to closet, instead of being able to have some of the items in my office.

    The app also does a really great job of displaying all the devices on the network and giving you a great birds eye view of who and what is connected and what the traffic is.

    I have had this for about 3 days now and the experience has been flawless (most technology never delivers this amount of ease for the user right out of the box)

    While the other reviews discuss limited bandwidth between the units (which is true, I haven’t see 3gbps). It is more than enough and doesn’t have any latency that impact my usage.

    I would highly recommend this unit for anyone with a large home.

  • 5.0 out of 5 stars

    can you fix this issue

    • Written by antos C from riyadh

    my phone have been hacked or some one attack for fishing

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